The Entrepreneurs Toolkit

with Alison Vidotto MBA


Your AI enhanced Business hub, full of resources for the ambitious female entrepreneur  who's ready to build a great business and a fabulous lifestyle.  


You can grow a profitable online business,
and live a life you love.
I'll show you how.


Say Goodbye to Overwhelm

  • Does juggling business tasks leave you feeling stressed and scattered?
  • Do you know¬†what¬†needs to be done, but you're not sure¬†how¬†to do it?
  • Are you¬†wading through the never ending list that keeps you in the trenches?
  • You‚Äôre not alone.
  • This is a common challenge for many¬†female entrepreneurs, but it‚Äôs¬†time for a change.
  • The Entrepreneur's Toolkit¬†is full¬†of how-to trainings to¬†increase your productivity
  • With¬†six clear categories¬†from Mindset to Marketing, you¬†have a full business¬†hub on hand.
  • And it's all¬†turbo¬†charged with¬†the power of AI.¬†

Dive in, and let's turn your dreams into reality!

I’ve designed the toolkit for maximum ease. If you want to know more about a particular tool or platform, you can jump straight to that training and get going quickly. If you’re not sure where to start, you can come to one of the regular Q & A calls and get feedback and inspiration. 

You get to choose what works best for you and your business.

Inside the Entrepreneur's Toolkit you'll find:


Take care of your biggest asset! 

Keep your inner game strong with a Growth Mindset, Resilience, Inspiration, Motivation and more...

Success Begins in Our Thoughts


Building a list of perfect fit clients.

Here you'll find trainings and strategies for growing a powerful online presence and a strong, connected, and engaged audience.



Stand out and be unforgettable!

Getting seen in a noisy market and establishing a strong brand presence is so much easier with great systems and the magic of AI.


It's easy when you know how.

When you have the right strategies and AI tools in place,  launching becomes a manageable, strategic, road to success.


Like a well oiled machine!

Create smoother, efficient business operations, all turbo charged by AI, and watch the growth and innovation happen. 


Unlock and Harness the Power of AI 

Let an AI expert show you how the latest AI technology can accelerate and grow your online business, and YOU can stay ahead of the AI curve.


The Entrepreneurs Toolkit! Private Facebook community is where you can get the feedback, motivation, support and accountability you need. Having your Entrepreneurs Toolkit! tribe takes away the loneliness and isolation we all feel from time to time, as entrepreneurs. No matter what, you’ll always have a community that cares.


With members all over the world, you’ll be able to reach out 24/7 to post questions, share your knowledge and build relationships as you grow and scale your business. 



I called it The Entrepreneurs Toolkit because that's exactly what it is, a kit full of the tools a busy entrepreneur needs. I'm a straight talker, I like to take the guess work out  of running a business.

I established my training & mentoring business to reverse the rate of small business failures. It makes me crazy when I see entrepreneurs out there working so hard and still struggling. So often it comes down to knowing WHAT to do, but the big question is HOW do we do it?

Entrepreneurs are the backbone of the community. After all, we’re out there creating jobs, redistributing wealth, and propping up local economies. And there’s the broader impact too - when a small business owner has a steady, sustainable business, odds are their relationships are stronger and their families are happier. In other words, when the business does well, the whole community thrives. 

I've been in business for over 30 years, with my husband, the Italian. In that time I've navigated some tough terrain.  I've faced a number of challenges, and a few major setbacks along the way. With each crisis I've been able to pivot and adapt, so my business could prosper.  It wasn't easy, but it was certainly do-able. It's always do-able.

In recent years the world changed. It moved online, and we need to make sure that your business is online and thriving too. 

Here is the Entrepreneurs Toolkit, to show you how. 

Get Instant Access and swap overwhelm for rapid progress.


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Alison Vidotto MBA


Hi there

I’m Alison Vidotto, business owner and public speaker based in Brisbane, Australia. I have a business in the mining and resources industry, and I work with entrepreneurs around the globe, in all kinds of industries.

I've been in business for 29 years. From building a healthy 7 figure business, to almost closing the doors, and back again. I've worked with 1 staff member and more than 25 staff members. I’ve had teams in office, and around the world. What I have learned is that the same fundamentals are important, no matter the size of your business.

I’ve been a business mentor and trainer since 1996 and authored a leadership book called the "22 Leadership Fundamentals", which was awarded a "BRAG Medallion". I specialize in business fundamentals, leadership, and team engagement.

I love my corporate work, but my true passion is with small business. That’s because small business is the backbone of society - it creates jobs, it builds local wealth, and a healthy business can help keep relationships healthy too. 

In the course of doing my MBA I discovered that 50% of small businesses fail within five years, 70% within 10 years. I was in shock and couldn’t stop thinking about the families torn apart, the stress on founders, the jobs and opportunities lost with every business failure.

Now I’m on a mission to change those statistics.

The way I do that is by helping you get good at social media and digital marketing. The world is online, we need to make sure your business is too. Even if you’re feeling overwhelmed and wondering where to begin, I can help. I have a success formula, a proven system to get you to social media mastery. 

The amazing bundle you'll receive when you join the The Entrepreneurs Toolkit!


As a reminder, here’s everything you get when you join the The Entrepreneurs Toolkit:

  • Monthly Masterclass (plus instant access to the on-demand archive of past classes)
  • Tech, tools, and resources - all in your online library for easy access at any time. I also add new trainings by request!
  • Access to the private community on Facebook, where you can get support from entrepreneurs around the world.


 If you are not satisfied, for any reason, cancel anytime during your first 14 days and get a full refund. No Questions asked. 

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